QAtive - supportive in quality assurance

In the much regulated industry of Health Care & Life Sciences Quality Assurance cannot absolutely guarantee you to produce quality products. However, via systemic monitoring and evaluation of various aspects of your project, service or facility you maximize the probability to attain minimum standards of quality.

Your success can result from implementing & maintaining a Quality Management System that is designed to continually improve performance while addressing the needs of all interested parties.

QAtive can help you with the following solutions:

  • creating (or improving) & implementing your tailor-made Quality Management System
  • performing audits e.g. investigator site, process, supplier/vendor, pharmacovigilance, phase I unit, etc.
  • implementing your Corrective and/or Preventive Action Plan
  • writing and/or updating your Quality Management documents e.g. Standard Operating Procedures, Working Instructions, etc.
  • Preparing your company for an upcoming inspection or audit.
  • hands-on support to your Quality Assurance Department, e.g. when temporary understaffed.


"Petra has proven during her employment as QA Manager at Movetis that she was the right person to design and set-up a well-working Quality Management System, which enabled the company to be accepted by important pharmaceutical partners. Now that she started her independent company, she can be highly recommended to work on quality management projects for other companies as well. Petra has excellent knowledge about the Clinical QA processes and regulations, is pleasant to work with and brings added value to your company."

Hanny Vlaskamp, Director, Hanny Vlaskamp Consulting & Coaching - October 26, 2010


Our Services at a glance...

QAtive is an independent company which operates internationally within the Health Care & Life Sciences industry. QAtive offers you services related to Quality Assurance, Process Optimization and Training.